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Appeal emails for demanding fair investigation of Mr. Wong to
        Daily mirror, Daily Express, The Sun, The Times,
        The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, Home office,
     such that "Dear madam/sir,
        I recently got to know of Mr. Wilfred Wong who was arrested on rescuing a boy
        victimized on Satanic Ritual Abuses and prisoned in HMP Berwyn, Bridge Road,
        Wrexliam Industrial Estate, Wrexliam LL 13 9QS, U.K. According to information that
        I am getting, he is incarcerated in prison without real investigation, like someone who is
        scheduled to disappear some day when nobody remembers. Actually one of
        his colleagues arrested together committed suicide last year.

        The reason that the fair treatment for Mr. Wong is important to me is the same as for
        Mr. Julian Assange is.

        My case is something criminal that is public secret mixing SRA (satanic ritual abuse) to
        privacy and free speech.

        I know you're not the very person for improving our world but as a part of our world
        you have to be a part of improving movement. As a general victim, I implore you
        do your part properly.

        Mr. Wong's case has to be investigated fairly and you as a public body act properly
        so that I can be treated correctly.

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