Long Term Crisis Preparation List (top 3: water, food, heat)

Power/Water/Fire/Light/Heat :
      oil, gas (generator), solar panel and (silicon salt) battery, hand well pump, iodine 2 %
      windmill, making charcoal, diesel fuel, stove (난로), magnifying glass, lighter, lantern
      matches, batteries, lamp oil, wicks, propane tank, wood stove
      tap water -> rain water (digging wells), water distiller, desaltize of sea water
      atmospheric water catchment, roof catchment of water,

Hunting/Fishing/Camping :
      maps, fishing poles, camping gear, compass, mosquito net,
      weather forecasting, hooks and lures, guns and ammo + cleaning kit

Communication/Transportations :
      HAM radio, solar/wind-up radio, whistle , shofar, steamboat, customed truck,
      pre-1980 truck ( + extra parts in Faraday cage), bicycle, 수륙양용 에어보트카,
      태양광 자동차, hot-air balloon, 소형선박

Tools/Household :
      for gardening, for constructing, for woodworking, hand air pump
      cookers, stationery, duct tape, paper, greenhouse, freeze dryer
   ;   canning lids, windup clock, lard, lye, scissors, shampoo, soap
      grinder for grain, wheat, cofffee, juicer, fan, bleach
      to build a hand pump, using Mylar bags

      rain gear and boots, underwear, socks, shoes, gloves, sunglasses
      extra eyeglasses, tooth brush & paste, masks for dust, gas, surgical… )
      방독면, antibiotics, 해열제, 소독약, 소화제, 진통제, making colloidal silver
      해독제, personal medications, food storage system

      만화, 영화, 음악 (classic, 찬송, ... ), 그림 감상, books, games
      puzzles, musics, musical notes and instruments, microscope, Bibles, KJV Bible with apocrypha
      MP3, digital album, USB (text, photos, movies, music …), 영상 displayer
      소형 speaker, file viewer

Gardening :
      buying seeds, getting meat from livestock

Misc.. : candy, tea, honey, chocolate, raisin, peanut butter

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