Long Term Crisis Preparation List (top 3: water, food, heat)

making charcoal, diesel fuel, stove (난로)
to build a hand pump
using Mylar bags
food storage system
making colloidal silver
tap water -> rain water (or sea water, wells 파기)
roof catchment of water

Power/Water/Fire/Light/Heat :
      oil     gas (generator)     solar panel and (silicon salt) battery     hand well pump     iodine 2 %     windmill     magnifying glass
      lighter     lantern     matches     batteries     lamp oil     wicks     propane tank     wood stove

Hunting/Fishing/Camping :
      maps     fishing poles     캠핑 용구     compass     mosquito net     hooks and lures
      guns and ammo + cleaning kit

      HAM radio     solar/wind-up radio     whistle     shofar
      pre-1980 truck ( + extra parts in Faraday cage)
      bicycle     steamboat     수륙양용 에어보트카     수제트럭     태양광 자동차

Tools/Household :
      for gardening     for constructing     for woodworking     hand air pump
      조리기구     문구     duct tape     휴지     greenhouse     freeze dryer     canning lids
      windup clock     lard     lye     scissors     샴푸     비누
       grinder for grain, wheat, cofffee …     juicer     fan     bleach     water purifier

      rain gear and boots     underwear     socks     shoes     gloves     sunglasses
      extra eyeglasses     치약 + 치솔     masks for dust, gas, surgical… )
      방독면     antibiotics     해열제     소독약     소화제     진통제     해독제     personal medications

      만화 (짱구, 톰과제리, 스폰지밥..)
      영화 (폴리스아카데미, .. )
      음악 (classic, 성가, 찬송, ... )     그림 감상     books     games
      puzzles     musics     musical notes and instruments     microscope
      Bibles     MP3     digital album     USB (text, photos, movies, music …)
      소형 speaker     file viewer     영상 displayer

Gardening :
      씨앗을 준비한다.     가축기르는 법     도축법

How to detox
      1. bath with Epsom salt .... or Borax or baking soda or
            Hymalayan Pink salt after being outside
      2. sweating
      3. cilantro, 클로렐라, spirulina
      4. Vit. C therapy
      5. massage
      6. 물 마시기 (distilled water only)
      7. seeds (hemp, flax, pumpkin) 먹기
      8. nuts (Almond...)
      9. wear Shungite jewelry, keep organite in your environment
      10. before bedtime, have either DE(diatomaceous earth), BC(bentonite clay) or powdered charcoal with 12 ~ 16 ounces distilled water to bind and carry out the heavy metals from your body
      11. use a Faraday cage around your bed
      12. use a hard-wired-from-the-pole Cat5 modem and router instead of Wifi
      13. LED (is called Lifi) emits ELF for mind control
      14. stop eating all facytory-made processed food. (The ingredients contain nanotechnology.)
      15. heavy metals, molds and yeasts create the network which heavy metals and nanotechnology attach to and utilize to make the human body a living 5G antenna.
      16. No GMO food
      17. alkalize your body and diet by adding citrus juice to your water (lemon, lime, orange..) ACV (apple cider vinegar)
      18. wear only natural fibers
      19. No hair, skin product, nail polshes, hair dyes, tattoos
      20. oil Pulling

      Remember, 5G is a control grid weapon.

      MK Ultra 완화법 - acupuncture, 반신욕, 오일 풀링,
            anti-oxidant like Vit. C or niacin, detox with Diatomaceous Earth(규조토),
            Bentonite Clay, powered charcoal, etc.

      candy     tea     honey     chocolate     raisin     peanut butter

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