daily essay 20210103

The Nazi Freemasons are here with me always when I sleep, eat, take a shower, teasing me.
Nowadays I don't sleep well, eat well and have no leisure or rest and have no shower for a month.

They want to put their shame upon me in order to be able to control me easily.
I feel their extreme shame they want to shift to others, so they are pointing fingers to concrete individuals that I can notice while they are hiding behind the wall like cockroaches, not exposing their indivicual identities.

In addition, they criticize the German truly, wanting that they are between us.
It does not matter at all but the Nazi Freemasons should perish at least near me.
But I feel I will be the last TI, then they will perish at last in order that I am the creation of my Lord God.

They are telling (by MKUltra) I am not sensitive enough about their intention as though the poor communication is my fault.
Surely they didn't tell what they want even by MKUltra.
I don't understand totally what they are doing behind the wall.

They add "this is not economical problem" comment.
They told me 'poor, beggar, ...' so far in order to pay least amount as possible to me.
Now they change words to "it's not about money", then about what ?
About occult ? Or about their religion ?
Who knows ? If any, please let me know...

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